About Us

Hi I’m Jennifer Cross, principal designer and founder of Juniper Lane Inc. Cottage Girl, Mom, spouse, daughter, sister, lover of all things design. I think hiring an interior designer is an intensely personal decision. Of course you want me to have skill and talents that far exceed what you could imagine for yourself, but you also want to connect at a personal level. When a client invites me into their house and asks me to get to know their family, wander through the private spaces in their home I recognize the trust and respect that they are placing with me to not judge or criticize, but to provide guidance and well honed advice. Women often say it’s like selecting a hair stylist; you want somebody who will listen to you, give you what you want and make you the best version of yourself. Whether it’s scissors or paint swatches the same emotional deep breath is required.

I graduated from Sheridan College in Interior Design, full of ideas and enthusiasm destined to take on the world. 17 years later I still feel that way! I’ve had the opportunity to do multiple full scale renovations, developed brand standard design for hospitality suites across Canada and completed over 500 colour consults (I love colour)! I’ve been featured in the Ottawa Citizen, TV, named to 40 under 40 list and I’ve been a top finalist for Business Women of the Year.  What I’m most proud of in my career is the relationships that I’ve developed with my clients. I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of many of my clients major life transitions; getting married, having children, having teenagers, preparing for retirement. Also some of the more difficult ones; divorce, loss of a loved one, downsizing… Interior design is not just choosing colours and furniture. It’s creating a safe haven, a place to host family Christmas’s and backyard BBQ’s, cozy bedrooms for heart to heart chats and master bath retreats for parents burning it at both ends. To me decorating = Family Moments.

I’m likely not that different from you. I have a crazy life with 4 kids exploding in the door with backpacks yelling what’s for dinner, two busy careers and I juggle my calendar to fit in a run and a moment to curl up and read a book. And like many of you, I struggle to deal with the stresses of blending a family. I understand the desire to have a great place to entertain your friends and family while at the same time a place that can handle Lego towers and homework zones.

About Us Family

I believe that most people spend more time preparing a home to sell than they do on actually living in it. If you’ve ever sold your home then you understand what I mean; last minute paint jobs, dumpsters full of stuff you never needed and new light fixtures that you always meant to hang…. Juniper Lane specializes in creating homes with layers of personality that reflect the home owners unique family and lifestyle. I love the details of a well designed home, from the combination of fabrics, art & accessories to the flow of wall colours & architectural details from room to room. Whether you are starting from scratch or just looking to take a room from blah to breathtaking I’m here to help.


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